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What makes us human? is it simply biology? The so-called 'return to god' that seems to characterize much of the early 21st century would seem to say that there is more to us than what meets the eye, that we are more than the sum of our material conditions. Philosopher Peter Sloterdijk argues that along with our material condition we operate within three symbolic immune systems and a ritual shell. We are taking those ideas along with some art, poetry, scripture and theological notions and exploring how religious belief or faith works, whether or not religion is necessary in shaping us symbolically and ritually and how to become human in the new century.

Join us Sundays, 11:45 AM @ 343 S. Church Lane, Los Angeles, 90049. 



"He that has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret."

Secret Philosophical Society is an underground community that enjoys the exploration of life's meaning(lessness) by reflecting on ideas that challenge the status quo, undermine conventional wisdom and open up new possibilities for thinking about existence.

Through a series of on-going events,  SPS brings together a mix of thinkers, creatives, and entrepreneurs to give talks that push the boundaries of our thinking and create spaces and experiences that bring ideas to life.

The Secret Philosophical Society is accepting aspiring initiates, but remember...  Don't tell a soul.

OVERCOMING OPTIMISM: Who does your happiness serve?


“We obsess about happiness, and that may be an indication that we’re not actually all that happy.” Darrin McMahon

The pursuit of happiness goes all the way back to the Greek philosophers,
 “Men generally agree that the highest good attainable by action is happiness, and identify living well and doing well with happiness,” Aristotle wrote. That pursuit is also enshrined in the U.S. constitution, but these days happiness has become more than a pursuit, it’s a cultural obsession, and it may well be the biggest idea around today and the new religion of our time. And there is an industry of happiness to support it. Thousands of books, seminars, and products designed to help us be happier are available everywhere and we are barraged by advertising that presents happiness as life’s most important goal.

Are we trying too hard to be happy?

The next gathering of the Secret Philosophical Society will present an evening dedicated to Overcoming Optimism, asking the question: Who Does Our Happiness Serve?

Join us Friday, July 8th @ 7:30pm, but don’t tell a soul.

Initiation Fee: $20


Location: ArtShare LA - 801 E. 4th Place, Los Angeles 90013

Parking is FREE in the lot directly across the street. Entrance on S. Hewitt St.